How to Style Dresses in Winter

Winter brings many beautiful things—snow-covered landscapes, the holiday season, and comfortable, cozy outfits. Nevertheless, style-conscious women are often forced to cover their fashionable attire with layers to combat the cold. But winter should be about reveling in the season’s joy, not compromising style for warmth. Below, we discuss various styles and layers that are not only warm but also help you make an outstanding style statement. Keep reading to learn more.

Choose Right Fabrics


With winter fashion, it’s not just the dress’s style that matters, but also its fabric. Certain materials not only grant warmth but also let your body breathe. Wool, cashmere, and fleece are excellent examples of such fabrics. They’re warmer than cotton and direct moisture away from the body.

When choosing dresses, go for those made from thicker materials or lined with fleece for added warmth. For instance, woolen plus size dresses like wrap dress can be a chic and cozy choice for winter, especially when styled with tights and tall boots. Dresses in dark, deep colors can absorb more heat, which might be beneficial on particularly chilly days.

But remember, a heavier dress doesn’t always mean a warmer one. Sometimes, a summer dress layered properly and paired with the right accessories can serve you better in winter. Don’t rule out your lighter dresses; instead, try layering them to create a stylish winter outfit.

Dare to Denim

When it comes to winter fashion, jeans are often seen as the go-to option for many people. However, if you’re looking to add some variety to your winter wardrobe, why not try styling a dress with denim? It’s a great way to create a unique and stylish winter look that is both cozy and fashionable.

To start, choose a dress that is appropriate for the winter season. Opt for a long-sleeved dress or one that is made from a thicker material like velvet or wool. This will help keep you warm during the colder months. Once you have the dress sorted, it’s time to bring in the denim. Layer a denim jacket or a denim shirt over your dress. This adds a casual and cool element to your outfit while also providing an extra layer of warmth.

To further enhance your winter look, you can add some accessories. Consider pairing your dress and denim ensemble with tights or leggings in a complementary color. This not only adds an extra layer of insulation but also adds visual interest to your outfit. Complete the look with a chunky scarf, a beanie, and some ankle boots to keep you cozy and stylish throughout the winter season.

Styling a dress with denim for a winter look is a great way to break away from the typical jeans-and-sweater combination. It allows you to experiment with different textures, colors, and styles while staying warm and comfortable.

Winterize With Warm Layers


Layering is synonymous with winter dressing and stands as its own art form that can be mastered with practice. Start with lightweight layers like turtlenecks or fitted thermal tops underneath your dresses. Add another layer by wearing a thin vest or sweater to add more degrees of warmth. An open-front woolen cardigan ensures warmth while also adding texture to the outfit. For that final layer of insulation and style, your final layer could be a statement trench coat or a faux fur jacket.

However, the trick lies in cleverly balancing layers. Layering doesn’t mean swallowing your dress in swathes of fabric but cleverly using layers to complement and showcase your dress. For instance, a long trench coat over a short dress can create interesting proportions while providing the required warmth. Even with multiple layers, ensure your dress is the star of your ensemble.

Don’t forget the essentials, including scarves, caps and gloves. Choose them in rich, dark tones that complement your dress, and they can add an elegant finishing touch while keeping you warm. For instance, a dark berry-colored scarf against a light blue dress can create a breathtaking contrast, while matching gloves make for a coordinated look.

Accessorize Right

Winter accessories are more than just utilitarian items that help you stay warm; they can sprinkle personality onto your winter dressing. Statement boots, for instance, can add an edgier look and feel to your ensemble. Experiment with boot styles, from knee-high boots to ankle boots with chunky heels, and find the one that suits your personality, dress, and occasion.

Another important accessory for winter is the scarf. Choose them in materials like wool or cashmere for warmth and in geometric prints or rich colors for style. If you’re wearing a relatively plain dress, patterned scarves can add an interesting visual break, while solid ones can add a pop of color.

Don’t underestimate the power of jewelry in winter, especially on your neck and ears, as these areas generally remain exposed. Go for long necklaces to add a chic look, or choose chunky, colorful earrings that stand out against your winter get-up. A knit headband can top off the look stylishly, keeping your ears warm and adding a pretty element to your outfit.

Footwear: The Final Touch

Your choice of footwear can make or break your outfit and in winter, it’s crucial that the shoes keep you warm. Boots dominate the winter footwear scene, but there are also multiple options within boots. Ankle boots are a universal favorite as they can be paired with any style of dress and provide an edgy touch. For maximum warmth, go for boots lined with faux fur or shearling.

Knee-high boots are the go-to choice for many women in winter, providing maximum coverage, warmth, and style. Paired with a short dress and tights, they can create a striking outfit that’s sure to impress. If you’re unwilling to venture into high boots, mid-calf boots can be a safer alternative that provides nearly as much warmth and style.

Brogues and loafers can serve as viable alternatives for boots. Even sneakers, provided they are weather-proof, can be paired with dresses for a casual, cool look. Socks, preferably thermal ones, are a must to retain the warmth, and colorful, patterned socks can add an unexpected visual interest to your outfit.

Mix and Match Styles

Fashion rules are meant to be broken, and winter fashion is no exception. Don’t hesitate to mix and match different styles and create a look that mirrors your personality. Pair a fur jacket with a satin dress for a blend of luxury and delicacy, or a puffer jacket with a sequin dress for a juxtaposition of sporty and glam.

Layer a maxi dress over jeans or a midi dress over wide-leg pants for an unexpected yet fashionable outfit. A belted cardigan over a dress can create the illusion of a coat and make your dress suitable for colder temperatures.

Remember, style is personal and self-expressive. Experiment with different combinations until you find one that reflects you and makes you feel confident and beautiful. Don’t let the cold limit your fashion choices; embrace winter as a season of stylish possibilities.

Embrace the Winter Elegance


Deciding what to wear in the winter need not be a chore but an exciting challenge to dress warmly while staying on-trend. Bring out all your dresses from the summer and spring, and try them on with a new perspective, adding layers and accessories to create a winter-ready look.

Always remember, fashion is an extension of who you are. So, cut loose, experiment, and celebrate your unique style during winter, whether you make a statement with a bold sequin dress or keep it understated and elegant with a classic woolen dress. Don’t let the drop in temperature dampen your enthusiasm to let your unique style shine through.

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