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Triple A focuses on the cutting edge and is the perfect intersection of music, tech, business, and culture.

Triple A Radio is an online publication featuring interviews, reviews, music and tech industry news, business insights, travel tips, and more. Founded in 2012 by Triple A Magazine founder and publisher, Colleen Copeland, and editor, Everett Nunez, Triple A was designed to be an ever-evolving configuration and synthesis of what our talented editorial team considers to be fresh, enlightening, and inspiring.

Triple A is the ideal junction between culture and music, business and technology, diving into even more topics such as travel, camping, home life, and finance. The voices within these are featured journalists that provide a fresh and diverse perspective from a team of experts, thinkers, and leaders. The future of music and entertainment is being written, and Triple A was created to share it with you. We would be thrilled for you to follow along and become an integral part of our dialogue.


Observe. Experience. Absorb.

The Voices.

Editor in Chief
Colleen Copeland is the founder and editor-in-chief of Triple A Radio. She is a life-long musician and journalist with a long history of newspaper reporting and editing.
Content Editor
Everett Nunez is the senior content manager for Triple A Radio. His passion for writing and music performance and recording, led him to pursue a career in online music media.
Senior Staff Editor
Aurora Jeffery is senior staff editor of Triple A Radio. An award-winning writer with a dual degree in Communications and Graphic Design, she also holds a graduate degree in Music Education from Boston University.
Assistant Editor
Fernande Hardesty is the assistant editor for Triple A Radio. She was trained as a classical pianist at NYU, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in music production and performance.
Staff Writer
Jordan Carroll is a staff writer for Triple A Radio. He got his start in the music and writing industry by founding and editing his college newspaper at Penn State University, where he wrote, designed, and edited stories on local music events and underground bands and groups.
Staff Writer
Nick Grier is a staff writer with Triple A Radio. He holds a degree in filmwriting and creative writing from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He also has a painting and photography background that includes producing artwork that has been featured throughout galleries in Philly, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

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