How To Choose the Right Wedding Guest Outfit

Weddings are not just a big day for the couple getting married, but also for the guests who are invited to share in their joy and celebrate alongside them. There is an air of tactility, an old-world charm, and a kind of stress that’s unique to weddings, especially when it comes to dressing right as a guest. The task of picking out the perfect ensemble might seem overwhelming, especially when you have to consider a multitude of factors. These factors range from the dress code, the season, the location, and so much more. Not to forget the importance of striking a balance, of not stealing the spotlight from the couple yet not fading into the background. In this article, we will walk you through various aspects that help you come up with the perfect wedding guest outfit.

Understanding the Dress Code


Before heading out to buy your wedding guest outfit, it’s imperative first to understand the dress code stated in the wedding invitation. The dress code could range from casual to beach formal, cocktail attire, semi-formal, black tie, or white tie. Understanding what each dress code means could spare you the embarrassment of being underdressed or overdressed for the occasion. For instance, beach formal calls for an elegant yet summer-appropriate look, which could be a flowing dress paired with comfortable sandals, while the black tie is a formal dress code, calling for long, glamorous gowns for women and tuxedos for men.

Take your time to research the dress code if you are not certain about what it entails. The internet is saturated with resources that can guide you through what is appropriate for each case. Remember, it’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed for a wedding. Adding a piece of statement jewelry or a stylish clutch can elevate a simple outfit and make it wedding appropriate.

Considering the Venue and Climate

The venue of the wedding plays a crucial role in deciding the outfit. Are you going to be indoors, out in the garden, by the sea, or high up in the mountains? If it’s a beach wedding, consider opting for lighter materials that can withstand the heat and humidity, and consider wearing flats or sandals instead of heels that dig into the sand. An indoor wedding could mean air conditioning, so it’s wise to carry a shawl or a light cardigan that matches your outfit.

If the event is in a religious location such as a church or a temple, ensure your attire is respectful and modest, covering your shoulders and knees. An elegant shawl, a classy suit jacket, or a well-draped scarf can be useful items in such cases. Choose natural, breathable, and lightweight fabrics for a summer wedding, while heavier materials such as wool, satin, or velvet can be ideal choices for a winter wedding. To make your attire interesting, play with textures. Introduce laces, ruffles, embroidery, or sequins to add depth and make your outfit stand out.

Again, consider the climate of the region where the wedding will take place. An outdoor fall wedding may get chilly as the evening progresses, so a long-sleeved dress or a stylish blazer can keep you comfortable. A wedding in a tropical region requires light, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen.

Selecting the Right Colors


Choosing the right color for your outfit is as important as selecting the right style and cut. The wedding invitation might give you cues — rustic themes might call for earthy tones, while a classic black-and-white theme might mean sticking to a monochrome palette. Bearing in mind the season, lighter and brighter colors work best for spring and summer weddings. Likewise, jewel tones like emerald green, deep reds, and rich purples are excellent choices for fall and winter weddings.

If you’re unsure about the color scheme, a fail-proof strategy is to go neutral. Shades such as cream, beige, taupe, and grey are unlikely to clash with any wedding theme. Remember to generally steer clear of pure white and all-black ensembles unless mentioned in the invitation because the former is traditionally reserved for the bride, and the latter might come across as too somber for a wedding.

Paying Attention to Details

Once you’ve settled on your outfit, pay attention to the smaller details like accessories and makeup. These can make or break your entire look. If your dress is quite elaborate, opt for minimal accessories. A single chain with a pendant, classy studs, or delicate hoops could be all you need. A chunky necklace, long dangling earrings, or a collection of bangles can add a bit of glamour. However, be careful not to overdo it. Stick to one statement piece and keep everything else understated.

When it comes to makeup, aim for a classy and elegant look. A wedding guest’s makeup should not take attention away from the bride. Opt for a look that enhances your natural beauty. If you choose striking eye makeup, keep your lips neutral, and vice versa. Finally, remember to carry a clutch or a handbag that matches your outfit and can hold your essentials for the day.

Exploring Diverse Options

While dresses are a go-to wedding guest outfit for many women, don’t let it restrict your options. Suits and jumpsuits are now stylish alternatives and are gaining popularity among women. Suits with a fitted blazer and matching trousers can give a powerful chic look. Pair it with a stylish blouse and classy heels for a standout ensemble. If a full suit feels too much, mix and match your blazer and trousers in complementary colors. Finish off the look with simple accessories and delicate makeup.

Jumpsuits are a perfect blend of style and comfort. They come in a variety of styles to suit different body types and preferences, from strapless to wide-legged versions. Choose one that flatters your body shape, and remember to balance your look by not over-accessorizing it since jumpsuits can be quite a statement piece in themselves.

Traditional ethnic outfits are also a beautiful choice, especially for multicultural weddings. From Indian sarees and lehengas to Japanese kimonos or African kaftans, these can add an exotic touch to your look while also showcasing your cultural heritage. Do remember to research and respect the cultural conventions associated with wearing these traditional outfits.

Experimenting with Personal Style


Last, but not least, remember to have fun with your outfit. Tailor it according to your personal style and comfort. The key to looking great lies in wearing your outfit with confidence. You can take inspiration from various sources like fashion blogs, magazines, or even Pinterest, but remember to add a personal touch to it. It could be a unique accessory, a bold lipstick color, or an unusual print – these little personal touches can make a big difference in your overall look and help you stand out in the crowd in the most elegant way.

Use this occasion to step out of your usual style. Try a new cut or a silhouette that you usually would not go for. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different styles. You might surprise yourself and discover a new style you love. But remember, comfort is key. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, it will reflect. So choose something which is both stylish and comfortable. When you shop from a quality retailer like Reitmans, you are sure to find something that fits your style and the occasion.

Overall, what is critical is striking a balance with your wedding attire. A balance between formality and comfort, tradition and personal style, appropriateness, and fun. The ‘perfect’ wedding outfit does not exist; it is what is perfect for you, the wedding you’re attending, the role you’re playing, and, most importantly, something that makes you feel fabulous.

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