Why It’s Important to Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

Your air conditioning is an aspect of your home you almost never think about but cannot live without. For those of us who are living in especially harsh environments, a single day without air conditioning is an indescribable burden. Overheating makes you feel sweaty and lethargic, therefore making it difficult to do much of anything. If you think scheduling professional spring AC maintenance is a bother, imagine how you’ll feel dealing with the effects of a faulty or broken air handling system.

Why is spring a good time for an AC check-up?img

Unless you think ahead, spring is likely not the time that you consider air conditioning maintenance. This disregard for your air conditioner is due to the mild weather conditions that spring often provides. However, spring is the best time to have your AC system evaluated. Regular maintenance leading up to the harsher months of the year can ensure that you’re protected when it matters most. If you need special replacement parts to repair your AC unit, a technician may need to order the parts. This delay could mean days without a working HVAC unit, and in the summer months, that’s unthinkable!

Additionally, an HVAC technician may need to climb up into your attic or through your crawlspace to reach your duct system. Typically, these maintenance areas exist in unconditioned spaces, like the attic. If you think it is hot inside your house when your air conditioning goes out, imagine how hot it is in the depths of the insulated parts of your attic. You can be kind to your air conditioning unit and your technicians by scheduling maintenance in the spring.

Save Energy and Cash


Regular professional maintenance can help you identify potential issues to avoid costly repairs. If your energy bill is high, you may have an unseen problem that is allowing air to escape. For example, suppose your air conditioning system needs repair due to tiny leakages throughout the air ducts. In that case, your air conditioner could be working much harder than usual to regulate the temperature inside your house. Leakage in your ductwork can create opportunities for conditioned air to seep out.

The energy wasted passing through these leakages can impede your air conditioning system’s ability to regulate your house properly and result in sky-rocketed electrical bills. Malfunctions within your system may be invisible to the untrained eye, but the effects can be detrimental to your wallet. Preventative maintenance with experienced HVAC technicians can help ensure that your system is not only working on conditioning your air but conserving energy as well.

Air Quality


Many people suffer from allergies, chronic sinus problems, and respiratory issues like asthma. The quality of the air inside your home could be affecting your symptoms. Even those without any health afflictions may be able to feel the effects of poor air quality in the home, including symptoms like coughing, stuffy nose, or sneezing. Routine HVAC maintenance will ensure that your system is clean and efficient. The air you breathe is important! Caring for your HVAC unit is another form of self-care.

Getting a professional tune-up for your HVAC unit is a simple, straightforward process. You call the professionals, and they come to your home or business and do the work. However, repairing a broken system or replacing worn-out parts can be a bit more complicated and expensive. By investing in regular maintenance, you can ensure your air conditioning system runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This increased efficiency not only has the power to save you money but to improve your health as well. Airborne pollutants like dust, dead skin, and pet dander accumulate in hard-to-reach spaces. By getting regular tune-ups, you can enhance both your system and your lungs’ cleanliness.

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