Top Pet Products for Reptile Owners

We’re all staying home a whole lot more now, so it only makes sense that people are buying pets to keep them company. But not everyone is buying dogs and cats; there are those who may be allergic to fur babies or who are simply reptile fans. More and more reptiles are heading into their forever homes, so no matter if you have a crested gecko or a corn snake, or anything in between, here are some products to buy for your new scaley friend.

A Ledge Hiding Spot


Reptiles love some good hot weather, but there are times where they’ll want to chill out and cool off. Purchasing a steep ledge for them to climb about on while giving them space to hide and feel safe is a great addition to any terrarium. If you have multiple reptiles in one enclosure, get one for each, so they can all have their own safe space.

UVA and UVB Bulbs

It is important to get a variety of lightbulbs for your little friend, as light is much more beneficial to your animal’s health and wellness than just providing warmth and helping them maintain body temperature.

UVA rays help to promote a reptile’s natural instincts such as their eating and breeding habits, and they help to boost their immune system and allows for the animal to differentiate between night and day. On the other hand, UVB light helps with the synthesis of vitamin D3 and helps with metabolizing calcium. Without a UVB light, a reptile will be unable to absorb and use the calcium they receive from their diets.

A Harness and Leash


Why not take your reptile out for a spin? If it’s safe to remove them from their heated terrariums for an extended period of time, try buckling them into a small dog harness, like a JoyrideHarness. Attaching a small, thin leash meant for a cat or a tiny dog can allow your pet some freedom to explore while giving you peace of mind that if they try to escape, they will still be within safe reach. Harnesses and leashes are the best friends of most pet owners, after the pet, of course.

A Hammock

Reptiles are explorers by nature, but they don’t always have to sleep in the sand or burrow deep to get a good night’s sleep. Instead, grab them a fun hammock to snooze in! You can attach it to some branches and keep it high off the ground, giving the little explorer a fun place to rest and a new vantage point for watching the world go by.

Vitamin Supplements


By nature, reptiles will forage and eat a variety of plants every day, giving them important nutrients that they may miss out on when in captivity. To ensure your scaly friend is as healthy as can be, you will need to give them vitamin supplements and make sure that they have plenty of calcium food options. Without an adequate amount of calcium in their diet, a reptile can grow deformities, become paralyzed, or even die, making a well-balanced diet extremely important.

A Water Fountain

With the high temperatures in a tank, it can be easy for your animal’s water to become stale and too hot after only an hour or so. Proper hydration is important, so choose to invest in an automatic water fountain to provide a steady supply of clean, cold, and freshwater. You can adjust the flow of water and even put it on a timer to ensure nothing goes to waste while increasing the humidity level to a healthy spot in their enclosure. You may want a thermometer as well to monitor the water temperature.

These pet accessories will make any time spent with your scaly friend into happy times that form cherished memories.

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