The Best Ways To Stop Shoplifters

According to the National Retail Federation, shoplifting costs retailers more than $45 billion a year. That works out to an average of over $1,000 per incident. If you own a store, it’s likely that you’ve had to deal with shoplifting at some point. It’s important to have a strategy for dealing with shoplifters, as it can be a big problem for your business. This article will give you some tips for dealing with shoplifters. Keep reading to learn more.

Monitor social networks that promote shoplifting.

Some stores have started to monitor social media networks, such as Raddle, to try to stop shoplifters. For example, a store may search for the term “haul” on social media networks. “Haul” is a term used by shoplifters to describe the items they have stolen. The store may also search for terms such as “freebies” and “I need money.” “Freebies” are items that are offered for free, and “I need money” is a phrase that is often used by shoplifters to ask for money to purchase items. Stores are also monitoring social media networks to see if their employees are posting about shoplifting. Some stores have started to require their employees to sign a contract that prohibits them from posting about the store’s merchandise on social media networks.

Install security cameras.


Security cameras can help you keep an eye on your store and catch shoplifters in the act. There are a few things to consider when installing security cameras to stop shoplifters. First, you need to determine the right placement for your cameras. You’ll want to place them in areas where they can capture the most footage of the store, including the entrances and exits, the checkout area, and the aisles. You’ll also need to make sure that the cameras are properly maintained and kept in good working order. This means keeping them clean and free of dirt and dust and making sure that they are properly aligned so that they can capture the best footage.

Hire security personnel.

Shoplifting is a serious crime that can lead to loss of property, time, and money. That’s why it’s important to have security personnel on hand to help prevent these incidents from happening. Hire security personnel to stop shoplifters from stealing from your store. Security guards can serve as a visible deterrent to would-be thieves and can also help to apprehend shoplifters if they do attempt to steal from your store. Security personnel can also be helpful in other ways. They can provide customer service to shoppers, help keep the store clean and help to maintain order in the store. When choosing security personnel for your store, it’s important to select individuals who are qualified and have the appropriate training. Security guards should be licensed and insured.

Train your employees on how to deal with shoplifters.


Many store owners are unsure of how to handle a shoplifting incident. In some cases, the shoplifting may be an innocent mistake, while in other cases, it may be an attempt to steal merchandise. No matter what the situation may be, it is important to handle the incident in a way that is both professional and safe. Here are a few tips for training your employees on how to deal with shoplifters:

  1. Remain calm. In order to effectively deal with a shoplifter, it is important to remain calm. If you are angry or frustrated, it may be difficult to think clearly and handle the situation effectively.
  2. Ask for identification. If the person is suspected of shoplifting, it is important to ask for identification. This will help you to determine whether or not the person is actually the person who stole the merchandise.
  3. Contact the police. If the person is attempting to steal merchandise, it is important to contact the police. This will help to ensure that the person is arrested and charged with theft.

Shoplifting is a serious crime that can have costly consequences for businesses and shoppers alike. However, there are several ways to deter or stop shoplifters. Overall, the above methods are effective in preventing theft and protecting businesses and customers.

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