The Benefits of Running a Background Check on Yourself

Since 9/11, background checks have become an important part of our lives. Whether you’re applying for a job, renting an apartment, or trying to get a loan, you’re going to have to go through an online background check. And, chances are, you’re going to have to provide your Social Security number (SSN) for that background check.

That’s why it’s so important to do a self-check. By running a background check on yourself, you can make sure that there are no surprises waiting for you. You can also take steps to clear up any criminal records that you may have.

So why is a self-check so important? In a world where anyone can access criminal records and other sensitive information with a few clicks of a mouse, doing a self-check is more important than ever. Here’s a guide on how to do a background check on yourself.

Gather your information.


The first step to a self background check is to gather as much information about yourself as possible. This includes your full name, date of birth, addresses, and any other identifying information. You’ll also need to know the name of your current and previous employers, as well as any schools you’ve attended.

Search in public records.

Once you have all of this information, you can begin your self background check. The first step is to search for your name in public records databases. This will give you a list of any criminal records, court records, and other public records associated with your name. If you have any criminal records, it’s important to address them before applying for jobs or renting apartments.

Check the FBI database.

Another way to search for your criminal record is through the FBI’s criminal database. To do this, you’ll need to provide your fingerprints and pay a fee. However, this database is not searchable online and can only be accessed through a law enforcement agency.

Address any criminal records.


If you have a criminal record, it’s important to understand the implications that it may have for your future. A criminal conviction can affect your ability to find a job, get a loan, or travel abroad. It’s important to seek legal advice to understand your rights and to learn about the possible consequences of a criminal conviction.

Dig a little deeper.

If you want to do a more comprehensive background check on yourself, you can also search for your credit report, driving record, and social media profiles. This can be done through a variety of online services. By running a comprehensive background check on yourself, you can get a better understanding of what information is publicly available about you.

Most of these services charge a fee, but it can be worth it to have peace of mind. It’s important to remember that not all of this information will be accurate, so be sure to review your credit report and driving record carefully. Additionally, you may want to set up alerts for your social media profiles so that you can be notified if someone tries to access them without your permission.

Scroll through social media.

Next, you’ll want to search for your name on social media networks. This will give you a list of any profiles or posts that include your name. Be sure to check for any posts that could negatively affect your job or housing prospects.

It’s important to remember that a background check is only as good as the information that’s put into it. So be sure to double-check all the data before you rely on it. If you find any errors, be sure to correct them immediately. This will help ensure that the background check is as accurate as possible.

The bottom line is that you should never assume that your background is clean. It’s always a good idea to do a self-check to make sure. By taking the time to do a background check on yourself, you can rest assured that you’re in control of your personal information.

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