The 2021 Tech Forecast

For decades now, technological advancements have had a crucial impact on society, affecting how industries and people function. The tech industry experiences constant growth each year. People use technical solutions, such as the internet—the worldwide system of interconnected computer networks—and electronic products like smartphones, personal computers and laptops, and other mobile devices for academic, professional, and personal reasons.

According to a 2019 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 90 percent of Americans use the internet. The following year, one month into the current COVID-19 health crisis that prompted widespread stay-at-home orders and lockdowns in the United States and other countries, the Pew Research Center surveyed Americans about technology’s role and effectiveness. The 2020 survey generated similar results indicating the importance of the internet and technology: an estimated 87 percent of adults in the U.S. responded that the internet was important to them personally. Approximately 53 percent of these respondents indicated the internet was “essential” personally.

Many students, employees, and business owners in the United States and elsewhere have altered their daily routines to suit the societal changes caused by the novel coronavirus. The increased reliance on the internet and technological devices during the pandemic has many people looking forward to the new technological solutions the new year will bring to optimize their online learning, remote working, business operations, and recreation. Read on below for a forecast of technology in 2021.

1. Cloud computing solutions may increase.

Considering how many people utilized the internet to be productive from home, host virtual meetings over connectivity platforms, and exchange and save data, cloud computing is likely to boost this year compared to 2020.

Using a private cloud can be the best solution for someone who works with big data but doesn’t have enough disk space to save all their important files. Whether you’re working from the office or home, consider getting the best, most efficient infrastructure that enables you to handle your business needs. With dedicated server hosting, people can have adequate bandwidth, unlimited traffic, and utilize their machine’s available storage, RAM, and computing power.

2. E-Commerce will continue experiencing a boost.

Electric commerce—known as e-commerce—has become increasingly popular in recent years with widespread internet use. The ongoing pandemic contributed to the growth of e-commerce, as well, accelerating its growth rate. Online shopping and spending reached 82.5 billion dollars in May 2020—a 77 percent increase from the previous May. Industry experts project that this growth would have ordinarily taken four to six years to reach.

It may be easier to shop online with digital currency. You can use a credit card to buy ethereum cryptocurrency from the Ethereum platform. The Ethereum platform has its own cryptocurrency, Ether, that you can send to a personal account. You can utilize your data and information when using Ethereum cryptocurrency without your applications saving such information without permission.

3. More people will begin utilizing healthcare technology and telehealth solutions.

Advanced medical technology solutions like machines for computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, devices used to conduct testing, screening, and assessments, artificial organs, robotic prosthetic limbs, and surgical tools have been vital to the medical sector. Such technological solutions have optimized and increased the efficiency and accuracy of practicing medicine.

Remote connectivity tools and robust technological options enable people to connect and communicate with medical professionals, engaging in telehealth. Through telehealth, clinicians can have a virtual visit and connect with their patients and provide intervention, care, monitoring, and education over a long distance. Through telemedicine, a similar process, physicians can provide diagnoses and treatment. Cancer care telemedicine, for instance, allows oncologists and cancer specialists to examine, diagnose, and treat their cancer patients. Telemedicine is a convenient solution for people who don’t have transportation and are too busy to attend in-person visits. Telemedicine, robust technology, and a strong Internet connection can be assets during these times of social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tech is sure to continue making strides in 2021, influencing our lives even more than we could imagine. Whether it’s getting an Ethereum wallet set up or considering the use of telemedicine in your own life, your specific needs are sure to be impacted by tech in the new year.

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