Should I Get a Bachelor of Science in Public Health?

The global pandemic has made it clear just how important jobs in public health are. If you’re someone with an interest in helping communities, the sciences, and overall mental and physical health in your community, a bachelor of science in health might be a great major for you. For a few things to consider about majoring in public health, read on.

What is public health?


Many people aren’t aware of what a bachelor of science in public health is and how it can be used to build a career while benefiting the public. As an ideal degree for anyone interested in working in healthcare administration or public service, public health degrees will enable you to work for a public health agency, could be a great stepping stone to a career in healthcare law, and work well with social work master’s degrees. Public health four-year degree programs like the one at the University of Cincinnati combine the sciences with communication, law, ethics, and sociology to prepare you to be a leader in the healthcare field.

Perhaps you paid attention to healthcare leaders who tried to lead the world through the global pandemic. People who worked on health messaging and led teams of scientists and researchers have backgrounds in public health and were working in capacities as public health leaders. The information they shared was important to the public to be able to make decisions regarding their own health.

Why do public health roles matter?


If you’re planning on making a huge difference in the world with your bachelor’s degree, joining other public health students in this now-popular program is a great way to get involved and gain the skills you’ll need to become a healthcare leader. Not only will you have the marketing and communication tools you need to spread awareness about things like mental health stigma, obesity, and disability discrimination, but you’ll be prepared to understand government agencies and their policies around public health. Even in entry-level public health positions, you’ll be qualified to serve as a health educator in a variety of capacities. It’s a role that impacts lives.

How could my degree help?


Maybe you hope to be an advocate for change and safety in communities but aren’t sure where to start. By earning a public health degree, you’ll become well-networked with public affairs offices in your community and may be able to secure an internship or position in a government agency. Your degree through an online program will prepare you to help your community through a variety of public health initiatives you’ll be involved with. For example, you might be charged with messaging for vaccines, placing ads for public safety, or teaching a course on the benefits of quitting smoking. You might be asked to help raise funds for chronic disease, sit in on town halls where public health decisions are being made, or be part of a company’s wellness program planning. No matter what your capacity as a public health student or grad, your unique insight into public safety will add up to a fulfilling career.

In the end, your degree in public health could make a big difference in the world. If you’re passionate about social justice, narrowing health disparities, and the health of populations, the world needs you now. Start with a search for a great public health major program now and you’ll be one step closer to working as an advocate, in health administration, as a healthcare educator, or in another essential healthcare role. Choose this career path to start doing essential work for the benefit of the public and best of luck as you complete your public health program.

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