Packaging Tips for Brands in the Home Goods Industry

Whether you own a small business or work in a bigger retail or box store chain, the way you ship and sell home goods products online makes a big difference in customer satisfaction and experience. Because home goods can often be fragile, this particular product line means extra special attention when it comes to shipping and packing products in this line. If you’re looking for tips on packing home goods brand products, read on.

Automated Packing Services


Timesaving, professional packing services using case erector machines can be a great first step in packaging home goods products. Using the right packaging equipment, you’re not only minimizing the chances of fragile items like dishes and teacups getting broken but also showing customers your product comes from a professional place that cares. No matter what the specific item or even the level of quality craftsmanship, it’s important that customers depend on your home goods brand items to get to them in good condition.

Automatic case erectors can play a huge role in making sure your products make it to customers without damage. Even packers with years of experience cannot always guarantee the same reliability that professional case sealers offer. For this reason, it’s important to do your research when it comes to picking a professional packer and learning about their packaging machines for your potential product packaging needs.

Shipping Services


Whether you ship directly or work as a wholesale supplier for bathroom remodelers, part of successful customer service means going the extra mile when it comes to shipping services. When shipping home goods products, it’s important to work with shippers who understand how to handle fragile products and are reliable with meeting shipping deadlines. Even if your packing’s top-notch, customers won’t be satisfied with late arrivals or constant delivery delays. To keep them happy, you’ll need shippers who can move quickly and have the storage space to make sure your items are delivered safely.

Branding Home Goods


The finishing touches in home goods brand packaging can make the difference between one time and repeat customers. Consider ways to promote other products before the final packing job. From logos to custom boxes, you’ll want to consider ways to attract repeat customers by offering things like discounts on future orders or helping brand recognition with instructions and places where customers can learn more about other products.

Something as simple as slipping in product cards, business cards for small businesses, or printing boxes with website addresses on them can mean years of repeat business. Product details, other professional services, and information on warnings or concerns would be good ideas for things to include, too. Whether it’s noting key features of products or making sure your customers know how to reach you or find you on social media, it could be important to make that next sale. Maybe you’re selling king-sized pillowcases for a master bedroom that read ‘his’ and ‘hers.’ What about including a product card pointing customers in the direction of towels reading the same with the same font?

Before those final sealers go on your packages, think about ways to market your product both inside and outside of the box you send them in. Because most home goods retailers don’t bother with this, you’ll not only stand out from the crowd but enhance those brands as ones that care about attention to detail.

The job is to get quality home goods products into happy customers’ hands without damage and with a nod to the niche brands. In taking the time to research how to effectively package to increase productivity and cut down on expenses, and to ensure nothing breaks, you’ll be one step closer to customer satisfaction. Paying attention to details like how products are packed, shipping speeds and carriers, and brand-appropriate opportunities for future customers, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition, too.

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