How To Set the Mood When You’re About To Propose

Asking your partner to marry you is likely the most important question you’ll ever ask anyone. With this huge question comes normal anxiety, fear, and excitement. If you’re considering proposing to your sweetheart, you’re likely worried about how to plan a proposal she’ll remember and love. The best thing to do is start by taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that she loves you, too.

For a successful proposal, it’s great to set the mood. This can be challenging with sweaty palms, a racing heart, and the excitement of wanting to scream your love for your girl to the world. In taking a step back and coming up with a plan, paying attention to details like finding the perfect engagement ring, and making your relationship and health a priority, you’re bound to succeed.

For tips on setting the mood both during the proposal and even well before, read on.

Finding the Perfect Ring


The perfect proposal generally starts with a ring that your future bride will love. Before you get too caught up in setting the mood, start with searching for wedding bands and engagement rings that will bring the same sparkle to her eye as they will to her left hand. The best way to find out the type of ring she’d like is by having an honest conversation with either your partner directly or her best friend or trusted family member. Find out if she’ll want rose gold, white gold, or platinum. Collect information on her thoughts about carat weight, center stone shape, and whether she wants a diamond or a different gemstone. Ask if she’ll want a vintage-style ring or something more contemporary and simple. Knowing these things ahead of time will make finding the perfect diamond ring easier when it’s time to see the jeweler.

Making Health a Priority


Quality of life comes with good health. No matter how hard you work to plan the perfect proposal, you’ll want to make sure you and your sweetheart are in the best health possible before the big day when you pop the question. Feeling great is a great first step in setting any mood.

Maybe you or your partner have hearing loss and have been putting off a visit to your New Jersey health specialist. Consider a Google search for ‘audiologists in West Orange, NJ‘ or something similar. Something as simple as having a hearing aid adjusted or seeing a general practitioner help with the migraines you’ve been putting off will make a big difference when it comes to setting the perfect mood for your proposal.

Considering Shared Hobbies


When setting the mood for the perfect proposal, think about shared interests and hobbies. Maybe you and your sweetheart love the blues and have always talked about taking a road trip to visit the Gateway to the Blues. While you could certainly propose to her in front of a famous recording studio or on a Mississippi blues trail, you could start by setting the mood on that road trip. What about coming up with a playlist of only blues songs and telling your future bride you have a surprise for her?

You could stop off at rest areas and special attractions along the way to give her hints about your final destination. While capturing the entire trip on video, you’d have something special to remember and a heck of a time on the road. By the time you made it to the Gateway to the Blues, she’d know something was up and be even more excited when you pulled that perfect yellow gold ring out.

Coming Up with a Proposal Theme


Whether the blues is your thing or you’re more into rock climbing or even homebodies, coming up with a theme for your proposal is a great way to set the mood. Consider her favorite color, memories you share, and ways you could include your family, too. Maybe you’re pet lovers. Why not let your dog take the reins for you? You could tie the ring to his collar and take a romantic hike or walk up a mountain top. If the mood you’re going for is casual but fun, this could be the perfect way to surprise her with the big question.

Your decision to ask your partner for her hand in marriage is a big deal. In taking the time to make the proposal part of your shared remarkable story, you’ll be setting yourself up for a lifetime of great memories. By stopping to focus on your health and making it a habit throughout your life, you’ll be more likely to improve your quality of life, too. Trust yourself to know yourself and your partner well enough to set the mood. Congratulations on your next chapter, and good luck with wedding planning!

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