How Much Is a Frameless Shower Screen?

According to USA Today, bathroom remodels are among the topmost important things to do before selling a house. Of course, you don’t have to be selling in order to realize the priority this room should take when it comes to improvements. Not only does it increase the value of a home, but it also improves the overall look and feel of the interior. In updating a bathroom, there are several key elements that can make the biggest difference in the design. Among these are the showers. Many older bathrooms have outdated showers that include ugly, hard-to-clean inserts, or old moldy tile. This obviously detracts from the beauty of the space and makes showering an unpleasant experience. 

One of the best ways to fix this problem is by installing a frameless shower screen to update and open up space for a more modern feel. This can be a fairly inexpensive addition, but the final cost will depend on the other improvements that might be needed in order to accommodate it.

Types of frameless shower screens

There are many different types of frameless shower screens available to suit your needs. Bath shower screens, for one, are made to fit at the top of your tub to screen in the shower space. Wall-to-wall shower screens can have either one or two fixed panels with one sliding or swinging door. Single shower panels are just as they sound. They are installed in one solid piece without any doors. You can also get corner screens, curved glass screens, or completely customized screens. The look and style will depend on your preference as well as the space you have available. 

Benefits of frameless shower screens

It’s no secret that showers can be a breeding ground for mold and harmful bacteria. Shower curtains are especially prone to collecting spores and gunk that’s not easily washed away. But what might surprise you is that shower curtains themselves can actually be toxic, even when they are clean and right out of the package. A study conducted by Occupational Health and Safety concluded that vinyl shower curtains and liners released “108 different volatile organic compounds” into the air over a period of about a month. This is more than 16 times the recommended amount for air quality guidelines. Frameless shower screens, on the other hand, provide a clean environment with easy to clean edges and non-toxic surroundings. 

Cost of frameless shower screens 

Frameless shower screens are usually much more affordable than you might imagine, ranging anywhere from $349 to $900, depending on size and style. However, in many cases, there’s some prep work that needs to be done before they’re installed. For example, if your shower is currently an insert that was installed directly onto subflooring, you might need to replace the floor. Many people opt to take this step anyway to improve the overall look of the room. Ceramic or marble tile, for example, can be installed in the whole room that seamlessly incorporates the shower space. Or a shower base may be installed on top of the flooring to create its own barrier. 

In most cases, it’s best to go ahead and make whatever improvements you want in the bathroom at the same time. Older bathrooms may even have to be gutted and entirely rebuilt in order to accommodate newer plumbing and code requirements. With hard money loans in Texas, you can renovate your entire bathroom or even your entire home without draining your savings. These loans have many perks. For starters, they don’t require as much documentation as a traditional loan. All it takes is a quick application process. Once approved, you’ll have a smooth closing and immediate access to your funds. This will allow you to increase the value of your property and give you a home you can be proud of. 

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