5 Ways to Save Money on Home and Contents Insurance

More and more people are hoarding valuable items at home. This includes cash, expensive jewelry, and the likes. Unfortunately, in the event of a theft, flood, fire outbreak, or earthquake, such treasured items can quickly be gone. This is when home and contents insurance comes in. This type of insurance protects your belongings at home–be it a house or condo–and covers furnishings, such as carpets and curtains, as well as different everyday items. What’s more, certain appliances can also be covered, including washing machines, radiators, and the likes.


All in all, the household contents insurance can protect most (if not all) household items. Additionally, if your goods are damaged, destroyed, or stolen, then a good home and contents insurance will financially replace them. But how do you save money on this type of insurance? More so, how do find the best insurance company? These five tips will help.

1. Try to compare the prices of various policies.



When buying a home or car, you probably won’t opt for the first option. Likewise, when on the hunt for the best home insurance company, it helps to compare prices first. In fact, try to take your time and see all of the available options out there. If you’re unsure where to start, a home insurance compare site like iSelect can help. You can research, compare prices, and sift through the numerous insurance agents that have years of experience in the field.


You’ll find all types of home insurance including auto insurance, flood insurance, as well as insurance for water damage, and other natural disasters. On their site, they even have a home contents calculator and valuable information on what home and contents insurance does and doesn’t cover. These useful pieces of information ultimately save you time and stress when searching for a home insurance quote.

2. Use the same insurance provider for all your valuables.

If you take insurance policies on different properties or goods, it would be best to stick with one insurance provider. This way, your policy might come with a few discounts or a deduction, and you’ll likely save more in the long run. Remember, no matter what you’re insuring—be it a refrigerator, washing machine, or goods kept in a storage facility–they can all be insured.


Speaking of self storage, if your home is completely full of stuff, it’s also a great idea to store clothing in storage units. However, you’ll have to first ensure your items are clean and well packaged. For more information, VonBondies has a great piece on this.

3. Make your home more disaster-resistant.



One way to save money on home and contents insurance is to make your building more disaster-resistant. If you live in a disaster-prone area, you’ll need to take certain deliberate steps to prevent property damage. If it’s an old house (situated on a hill or in an earthquake zone, for example), you might need to undertake a few renovations to strengthen the pillars and walls.

4. Ensure your home is as secure as possible.

Before you set off on the hunt for home insurance, it’ll be a good idea to amp up your home security. First, try to get more substantial locks and deadbolts for your doors. Then, think about installing smoke detectors and even security cameras around your property. This way, you know you’ve done your part to ensure your home is less prone to fire, theft, and other mishaps.


This is especially important if you run your own business from home. Let’s say you’re starting your own brand of lashes; you’ll also have to seek additional coverage for all the goods and equipment unique to an eyelash business. This includes false lashes, mink lashes, 3d mink lashes, and more. Remember, the coverage level depends on your personal situation. You’ll find more insight on starting a lash business on InBusinessMagazine’s website.

5. Try to maintain a good credit score.


Your financial history is essential in all aspects of your life. Insurers check your credit file before deciding on premiums. Most times, the more debts you have, the higher your insurance premiums get. So, to save money on your home and content insurance policies, be sure to maintain a good credit record.

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