5 Ways To Make Your Grand Opening Special for the Whole Town

Throwing a grand opening event to mark the launch of a new business is a great way to make a first impression. A grand opening is an exciting way to announce your arrival in the local community, get to know your fellow small business owners, and entice potential customers to your business. Take a look at five ways you can throw a grand opening that will excite the local community.

1. Define your goals for hosting a grand opening event.


A grand opening is a chance to create brand awareness by communicating a strong, unified brand message in your marketing efforts. You should focus on creating a genuine connection with the community and get potential customers excited about your small business. You’ll have plenty of networking opportunities at your grand opening, and it’s important to give your guests a great experience that will excite them.

SCAA Unification offers some great advice to throw a grand opening party. It’s a good idea to post-physical flyers announcing your grand opening party. Pique interest in your special event by inviting local food and drink vendors. You can build your social media presence by creating a unique hashtag that people can use when posting about your event. An event is a great time to introduce a new product or service that will differentiate you from the local competition. Everyone likes a discount, and a great way to incentivize people to come back to your business is to give them a special deal for a future purchase.

2. Choose the right event date.


Choose your special event date with care. Learn when your target audience normally shops for your product or service offering, i.e., the day of the week and time of day. Avoid throwing a grand opening on a major holiday, religious occasion, or other major events. It’s a good idea to throw your event after your new business has been open for a week or two. This gives you time to work out any kinks before welcoming a big crowd. Choosing the ideal date is the best way to maximize the number of attendees at your event.

3. Come up with a memorable event idea.


Think about what type of party you want to host and where you want to host it. A clever way to generate positive PR is to break a record or create an attention-getting publicity stunt. Themed parties are always a great experience. A costumed event is a fun way for attendees to get creative and have a great time taking social media-worthy photos. Alternatively, hosting an event supporting a local charity that aligns with your brand’s mission is a great way to bring attendees.

Every type of event needs some form of entertainment to ensure attendees have a good time. Interactive inflatables are perfect for outdoor events of all kinds. Whether hosting a block party, corporate event, birthday party, or wedding, an inflatable bounce house offers fun for all ages. Clowns4Kids specializes in bounce house rental Long Island, NY. Renting interactive inflatables for your event is a fun way to keep guests happy and entertained.

4. Use effective marketing techniques.


You need to use the right marketing techniques to reach your target audience for the opening. Leverage the social media pages you have by tagging your posts with popular hashtags and local hot spots. Build a Facebook Event on your business page. Create sneak peeks or product teasers using Instagram Stories to engage. It’s a good idea to have some real-time engagements with your followers and create buzz about your grand opening.

5. Continue marketing after the event ends.


Encourage your attendees to post about your special event on their social media pages using your unique hashtag. Ask attendees to leave reviews about your business on Yelp, Facebook, and other relevant review sites. Take the time to send out “thank you” messages. You should also run some post-event press and recaps on local and social media.

Defining your goals, choosing the right date, having a memorable event idea, and using effective marketing techniques before and after results in an impressive grand opening.

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