5 Reasons to See a Broadway Show

If you’re into theatre, music, or comedy, seeing a Broadway show should be at the top of your New York City bucket list. If you’ve never seen a Broadway show before, here are five reasons to immerse yourself in New York’s bustling theatre scene.


It’s easy to score discounted ticket prices.


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Most people are hesitant to see a Broadway show because of the skyrocketing prices of theatre tickets. But if you’re interested in seeing a Broadway show, you can find discounted tickets for premium seats at https://www.todaytix.com/x/nyc. So even if you’re planning at the last minute, you don’t have to break the bank just to see a show.


 It’s better than a movie.

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If you’re planning a night out, you might choose a movie. There might be few good movies playing, but there’s only so many times you can throw away money on a ticket to see another superhero movie or romcom. Broadway shows are great alternatives to the movies. You can watch a meaningful live show with friends or a date, all while sitting in a comfy seat.


You’ll feel cultured.

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Broadway shows never feel like mindless entertainment. Even if you see a comedy show, you’ll leave feeling cultured. You’re contributing to NYC’s thriving art scene, and you’ll leave the theatre feeling enlightened.


You’ll feel a sense of connection.

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Although NYC is a big city, it’s easy to feel lonely. Each Broadway story dives deep into the lives of characters, and you’ll feel more engaged with the actors compared to a film. The crowd will make you feel like you’re surrounded by friends, even if you don’t know anybody there.


You’ll learn more about your city.

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If you’re new to NYC, immersing yourself in the theatre scene can help you learn more about the city’s culture. The theatre scene is a window into the city as a whole, and you’ll start to feel more connected to your city after seeing a Broadway show.

Turning off Netflix can be a struggle, but leaving the comfort of your apartment to see a Broadway show can be an extremely rewarding experience.

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